Istanbul, 2007

Eleven years ago I visited the cities of Istanbul and Edirne in Turkey with my good friend Jeff.  Here are some of the best pictures from the trip!

Turkiye 137-001
Istanbul’s layers of imperial history are truly remarkable. This is a view from the Theodosian Wall on a hazy day, looking towards the offices of the Levent district.  The Theodosian Wall was built by the Byzantines and protected Constantinople for over a thousand years. Today it is open to the public without the intrusion of a modern invention-guardrails.
Turkiye 080-001
The Haga Sophia was the most important church in the Byzantine Empire.  With the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453, it was converted to a mosque and remained one until Attaturk designated it as a museum in 1935.
Turkiye 035-002
The Ottoman architecture of Istanbul is ornate and extensive. Here’s an impromptu soccer game in the cemetery of the Şehzade Mosque.
Turkiye 378-003
Commuting in Istanbul can include taking a boat from Europe to Asia, which is a lot more interesting than taking the Staten Island Ferry.  Here the boat is passing the neighborhood of Galata.
Turkiye 029-002
Images of Turkey’s founding father Kemal Atatürk are ubiquitous in Turkey.  Here’s a sculpture at Istanbul University.
Turkiye 419-001
Sunset by the Maiden’s Tower (Kız Kulesi).


Turkiye 135-001
A lot has changed in Turkey since 2007.  Unfortunately, the Turkish people have suffered from terrorism and political instability.  When things improve it would be nice to revisit Istanbul and then move on to other Turkish cities like Bursa, İzmir, Ankara, Urfa, and Antep.

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