Evelina Antonetty Mural


Evelina Lopez Antonetty was the subject of a truly constructive Tats Cru mural on Prospect Avenue and 156th Street. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was more visual art on these symbolically named street corners named for local leaders? It would be interesting to know what conversations it sparked on the block. The ruins next to Antonetty are taken from photographs of the ruins of Charlotte Street in the seventies. When Antonetty’s organization built a new building the mural unfortunately disappeared, but at least for a good cause.

Joe Conzo, grandson of Antonetty wrote: “It is actually 3 different images. One of my Grandmother Evelina Antonetty telling a Congressman to shut up after the Congressman told a community member to be quiet. 2 children dancing to the sounds of Tito Puente in a Bronx park and Charlotte Street during a visit by Pres Ronald Reagan hence PR Flag hung in protest to visit. Mural done by Tats Cru has been torn down at 773 Prospect Ave will be done over at The New Lorraine Montenegro Women and Child Center named after my mother. Thanks!!!!”

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