St Peter’s Episcopal Church

At the corner of Ogden and Honeywell.

How can you be “on” Watson, Findlay, Waring, Morris, Bergen, Bolton, Barretto, Givan, Erskine, Thwaites, Ryer, Arnow, Coster, Wilkins, Ogden, Honeywell and Valentine all at the same time? By visiting St. Peter’s cemetery, so to speak. (Please don’t step on the tombstones!) It’s interesting to contemplate the changes over past 150 years that made the Bronx change for a patchwork of country estates to a borough of one of the world’s largest cities. Since so many Bronx streets are named for their former landowners, the rows of tombstones evoke the streets of today. That said, some surnames don’t ring out: there isn’t a Waddingham Avenue or Heinlein Place in the Bronx today.

“Hamilton” fans will be interested to know that Samuel Seabury III, author of “Free Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental Congress” was rector here.  When Alexander Hamilton wrote “Farmer Refuted”, it was a riposte to Seabury’s pen name of A. Farmer.  Where would Seabury have farmed?  In Westchester (Square) in the present-day Bronx. There also is a Schuyler buried here.  Schyuler Valentine, to be precise.

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