A Day in Warsaw (2)

More pictures from a visit to Warsaw in 2010.

Warsaw 140-002
At first, it was hard to reconcile Warsaw the modern city with all the bloodshed that had happened there during World War II and the Holocaust.
Warsaw 149-003
Warsaw’s municipal symbol is the Syrenka or mermaid. This statue in the restored Old Town Market Place (Rynek Starego Miasta) dates back to 1855.
Warsaw 185-002
An outdoor exhibit commemorating the Warsaw Uprising.
Warsaw 178-002
Accordion player on a Warsaw street.


Warsaw 131-001
I wish I had more time to contemplate and emotionally absorb what I was seeing while visiting the Ghetto.  Most of the rubble of the Ghetto has been built over, but a few landmarks remain.  This memorial, with inscriptions in Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew dates from 1946. In the foreground is a memorial candle.
Warsaw 181-003
“Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue” is an art installation by Joanna Rajkowska.  To quote the artist:  “It is an attempt to infuse with Israel’s scenery Warsaw’s Jerusalem Avenue – a street whose name and history, in return, sends the observer back to Israel. In another way, the palm tree refers to a popular idiomatic expression in the Polish language that indicates something unthinkable, outside common understanding, escaping the usual way of reasoning.”

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