Couples in Paris

I find it challenging to take photographs in a new place.  It’s not just the pressure of deciding what to see first and finding your comfort zone taking pictures, but also nagging questions like:  Is this the same picture all the other tourists are taking?  What do I really know about where I am?  Can I actually get a good picture of this famous landmark when there are hundreds of other people crowding around doing the same thing?

One good fallback I find is to take pictures of other people taking pictures. It is an easy way to get some action to go and local color without having to be that intrusive. Plus it allows you to be metacognitive about your own story as a tourist with other tourists.


Chinese couples take their pictures before the wedding and Paris is a very popular destination.  This couple is posing on the Pont Alexandre III.


A fisheye lens view from the steps of the Basilica of Sacre Coeur looking down at the city of Paris. A couple and their photographer have just completed their photo shoot.



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