Rosie the Riveter


Naomi Parker Fraley, the visual inspiration for Rosie the Riveter passed away yesterday, aged 96. To quote the New York Times: “(Fraley appeared) in a wartime industrial poster displayed briefly in Westinghouse Electric Corporation plants in 1943…For decades (the) poster remained all but forgotten. Then, in the early 1980s, a copy came to light — most likely from the National Archives in Washington. It quickly became a feminist symbol, and the name Rosie the Riveter was applied retrospectively to the woman it portrayed…Several (women) identified themselves as having been its inspiration.” Fraley’s claim of being the Rosie on the Westinghouse poster has been confirmed by researchers.  This iteration of Rosie painted by Tats Cru appears on a grate at A & M Cleaning and Restoration in Soundview.

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