Beekman Avenue Synagogue


Mott Haven is best known as a Hispanic and once Irish neighborhood, but it also had a Jewish community from the turn of the 20th Century until the late sixties which had several synagogues of various sizes.
The most visible remnant of the community is the former “Beekman Avenue Synagogue.” Shared by two congregations, B’nai Israel (Children of Israel) and Chevra Shomrey Shabbat (Sabbath Observers), it was built in 1926, during the height of Jewish migration from the Lower East Side and Harlem to the Bronx.
Puerto Ricans brought their own Christian denominations which sometimes included religious syncretism to the South Bronx. One of these groups, the Congregacion De Yahweh purchased the Beekman Avenue Synagogue in 1971 and has maintained it’s Jewish insignia rather than erasing it.

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